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Boy: I think we should stop this.
Girl: Stop what? This?
Boy: Maybe.
Girl: Stop it? Yeah.
Boy: Maybe. I don’t know.
Girl: Was it because of Europe?
Boy: No. I just don’t know why.
Girl: You should stop smoking.
Boy: Why don’t you stop… stop…
Girl: You’re right. It’s not working.
Boy: I don’t know. You’re really… You are pretty.
Girl: You are too.
Boy: The meek shall inherit the earth.
Girl: The meek don’t want it.
Boy: I like the new Eurythmics song.
Girl: It’s the drugs, isn’t it?
Boy: Do you want to go back to my room?
Girl: What Eurythmics song?
Boy: Was it because of who I slept with?
Girl: No. Yes. No.
Boy: The meek don’t want it? What?